genre research: apocalyptic part 1

what is post apocalyptic?

this genre is when there has been a devastating event that has hit the world and people are hanging on to there very existence.

the purpose of apocalyptic is to usual get you into the story of a few characters and there survival, this will usually bring across tears in most peoples eyes if something bad happened to the character that they liked or found the most interesting. some of these films also make you think about what if this was you in that predicament and to try and stop people being violent towards each other.

why i want to do apocalyptic.

i want to do this genre because i love the feeling of watch one of these films. they keep me watching all the way through without the need to get up and go out for a second. they always have something interesting in them and almost all of them are different, apart from what caused it. the main causes are usually, economy collapse, nuclear warfare, biological warfare and zombie's.

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