genre research: action part 1

what is action?

films which have many scenes of strong or moderated violence. they mostly all have a villain and hero that battle it out during most of the film.

the purpose of a action film is to get the viewer locked into the story by pyrotechnics and stunts. what will happen is the viewer will remember these and tell there friends. these types of films are usually aimed at younger people, this is because younger people will think that the stunts one are 'cool' or 'in with there time' which will then give them the edge. action films always have a great back story to the villain and why he became the villain and if there is a superhero involved there will be a story about him and how he became a superhero.

why i want to do an action?

action films are very easier to create a story for, the only things that i would have difficulty doing is the special effects. this is because i do not have the time or resources to get together good special effects. i could of used software for this but then they would look cheap and nasty.

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