the apocalypse lyrics

this is the lyrics of the song.

the apocalypse
by Jonathan grace

Fallen into darkness
a world that we know
beauty all around us
had to come and go,
people all around me
screaming for there life
screw the f*****g world
were all about to die!

this is the apocalypse
may you all burn in hell
a 1000 prayers wont save you
thats all i have to tell

i see your ugly face
crawling out from below
your comming here to teach us
all that you know
the worlds a different place
were we all cower in fear
all i know is that
i want to hold you dear

this is the apocalypse
all you love is gone
now it's time to bow down
to the mighty atom bomb!

now we all will pay
for all the worlds greed
i think it's time to bow down
on your f*****g knees!

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