In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? (finished)

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

- no tight community of survivors in the trailer

in the trailer all you will see is one person and this is the one lone survivor. this is because the trailer was made to make you want to know what will happen next. this is why i decided not to show the community of survivors that the hero finds later down the line. in other post apocalyptic films you would normally find the hero with a small group of survivors, an example of this would be the tv series, the walking dead. in this series the heros are always with a group of other people. this gives the viewer the sense that the world is not safe to travel alone. you will often find that in that group there will be something that happens to one of the people wether it is good or bad.

- abandoned and isolated locations are present

throughout the trailer you will notice that our hero is place into abandoned locations such as the forest, this is because there is no food that grows in that forest so the hero does not find anyone there. this changes from the convention of post apocalyptic films because in these films you will often see people in tight situations and buildings. an example of this would be resident evil. this is a post apocalyptic zombie film and finds the hero always in tight and abandoned spots. this would then be complimented by zombies coming out of no were and attacking he group of survivors that are trying to get away.

- survival is shown in the trailer

in the trailer that i created you can see an element of the hero trying to survive by any means possible. this is shown by the person running to go grab the food that was found on the floor opened. this shows that the hero would do anything he needs to do to survive. going back to the walking dead this convention is shown quite a lot of the time, this was shown once by the main character killing his best friend because his best friend is making the group fall apart. also in games such as fallout 3 people you travel with will usually die along the way.

- male survivor not shown as a hero

during the trailer you do not find out that the character you see is a hero, this was deliberately done to make people wonder what that persons role is during the film. this would make people wonder what he has to do with the whole apocalypse. however in most apocalyptic films and games the survivor that is followed around most of the films or game is usually the hero. this is done in dead rising 1, 2 and 3, the character that you play as is always the hero who is wrongly looked at as the villain. the film the road has you follow the father around who is the hero who sets you on a quest, you do not realize this until almost near the end, when the dad dies and you realize that the hero is the little boy all along.

- no dangerous people were met in the trailer

the trailer only shows the main character and no one else, this is to let the audience get a feel for who the main character is and because the trailer is quite short. the trailer only shows the hero telling you a small piece of information about the world. when you look at other trailers you can see that they often show dangerous people in them. if you watch the trailer stake land you can see the cult and many of the zombie/vampire creatures killing the humans. this tells you that the film is going to be a horror/post apocalyptic.

- a sense of death is brought about with the trailer

in the trailer you hear the hero says that when you find food you run for it and you never look back, this is basically stating that it is the first person to the resources and that if you are slow they will be taken and you go without them, this would lead to death eventually. this is also shown in the stake land trailer by the zombie/vampire creatures because they all go along and kill people. the cult in the film also uses the creatures to take over a town but fail due to the heros being able to kill the creatures quite easily.

- the deadly environment is shown but no other humans have been shown

the environment you see in the trailer may look innocent but around every corner a creature could be there round any corner. this is shown by the hero being in the forest all the time in the trailer. the dialogue he says shows you that the woods are not a safe place to be, but the titles suggest that the whole world is not a safe place to be in. when you watch the trailer for metro 2033 the game is set in post apocalyptic Moscow. it also shows you all the tunnels and what the outside world is like. you can see fighting in this environment and creatures that are out to harm people. this means that the environment the trailer is set in is extremely dangerous.

- hopelessness has been shown by the food shortage

in the trailer you hear the hero say that if you find food you run for it and dont look back. this states that there must be some kind of food shortage. this line also could be seen as that the world is hopeless due to the shortage of food. the title 'will you do what it takes to survive?' also shows a sense of hopelessness due to what the title says. the trailer i am legend shows will smith as the lone survivor of an apocalyptic world, this shows that in the trailer will smith is hopeless, this is shown by him being alone with his dog.

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